POWA's vision is to fundraise to create opportunities for an under-represented demographic in the music industry.


We believe that to break the glass ceiling for women to be in sustainable jobs in music, we must create opportunities for women's voices to be heard.

We are doing industry research and collaborating with similar-minded groups in our network to understand the context and demand for this change. We include in our project all people who identify as women and non-binary, and a particular focus must be paid on people who fall into more than one underrepresented demographic, as intersectional discrimination should not be tolerated in our music scene, and we must work together to raise the standards of our working conditions.


  • raising funds through Patreon which will provide session and commission fees for artists, providing them with opportunities to work on funded projects.

  • to raising awareness about discrimination through the work we create in collaboration with these artists

  • to hosting and supporting a non-violent, nurturing discussion space where it's ok to agree and disagree with each other while we brainstorm the best ways to create change in our industries

  • instigating change to ensure a safer return to the creative industries for women artists; to build back a better music scene

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