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Creating Opportunities Through Supportive Networks

POWA is an anti-harassment, anti-abuse musical collective based in Scotland. Since it's inception in  November 2020, POWA has commissioned songwriters & producers to create new musical works - Rosie Bans, Suse Bear (Good Dog), Fisty Muffs + more. These songs have been extensively featured in blogs, media, and radio generating income during a difficult time for the Music Industry.

We research and fundraise to facilitate the creation of new musical works which raises awareness about sexual discrimination and inequality within the arts sector. POWA is collaborating with the music industry and other feminist groups in order to achieve a higher standard of safety for women in the arts.

POWA stands for Protection of Women in the Arts.

All our commissions are available via our Patreon page. Join now.


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Friend of Keychange. Mental Health First Aider. Supported by Creative Scotland.